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Participant Reg# SK2018-388 Introduction - US...

Participant Reg# SK2018-388 Introduction - US Star Kalakaar 2018 || DesiplazaTV Star Kalakaar 2018, Desi Style singing & dancing Competition a...

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Contact Us

Desiplaza LLC

1404 W Walnut Hill Ln Suite 110

Irving, Texas


info @

Mo-Fr: 10.00 - 18.00 GMT+2

Star Kalakaar is a Talent Competitions (Singing, Dancing, Musical Instruments). It was started in 2015 in the Dallas, Texas by Desiplaza TV Studios. Since then Star Kalakaar is growing to be the premier Talent Contest in USA. 

In 2015, Dallas Star Kalakaar started with 110 Registrations. In 2016 it became Texas Star Kalakaar & had 200 registrations & 450 kids participations. In 2017, We had 220 registrations & 480 Kids perfroming. The finals were Held in Dallas & Star Kalakaar Night Held in Houston.

With the amount of support from the community, we are now extending this competition beyond Texas. Current preliminary plan is to host in Texas, NY/NJ, Washington DC, Atlanta. More cities will be listed once confirmed.

Please read all the Rules & Regulations, Terms & Conditions & Basic information before signing up.